How chatbots can help Business intelligence for improving ROI

06 Jun, 18

Chatbots are all the rage today, bringing about a complete paradigm shift in how businesses interact with consumers. Until recently though, the limited range of responses and usability severely hampered the adoption of chatbots. The integration of AI and NLP has completely revolutionized this space, with smarter chatbots allowing for more natural interactions with consumers. Given their exceptional efficiency and unmatched productivity at handling consumer interactions, it is easy to think of chatbots as best suited for client facing tasks, but their utility is far beyond just customer care. Businesses are now realizing the true potential of chatbots in the B2E setting to exponentially enhance the usability of business intelligence tools and in turn, boost productivity.

The woes of conventional BI applications


Business intelligence, while being extremely useful in an easy analysis of extensive data to provide workable insights, are plagued with low adoption rates, as most of these provide the abysmal user experience. This results in most employees opting for more familiar, yet significantly more time consuming conventional tools and manual searches through extensive data sheets to retrieve the required information. Gartner’s report suggesting that adoption of BI lingers at just over 30% among employee, further highlights the low popularity of BI tools, despite their superior analytical features.

Advantages of using Chatbots with BI


Chatbots are extremely versatile and can be deployed across various internal communication platforms such as Skype, Telegram, and Slack, apart from proprietary platforms in enterprises. These can also be seamlessly integrated into ESS, ERP, and enterprise LOB applications to easily retrieve data without the hassle of employees accessing these notoriously hard to use applications. Chatbots allow employees to effortlessly retrieve data from BI tools through an extremely easy to use interface.

Cross-platform and multi-device support


Companies across sectors are increasingly promoting bring your own device (BYOD) concept to reduce costs and at the same time increase employee comfort and familiarity with using the system. The flipside to this is that not all such devices may be compatible with the resource-intensive BI applications. Chatbots linked to BI applications can be deployed on any messaging platform, without the need to install the actual BI application. This allows employees to retrieve important analytical data across platforms and devices, within no time.

A broad range of content support


Data retrieved by chatbots need not be limited to simple text messages. The chatbots leverage AI and NLP to accurately deduce the user requirement on the basis of the inputs received and can accordingly provide the user with graphs, pie charts, and heat maps, among others, apart from the text. Furthermore, for more advanced users or for those looking for additional insights, the chatbot can also provide links to BI dashboard.

Intuitive interactions


While BI systems allow users to search through databases, the inputs usually need to be very specific to pull up accurate results, though some systems now incorporate NLP to allow for a more natural language for search. Apart from AI and NLP, chatbots are also integrated with machine learning, allowing them to learn from user interactions and over time accept more colloquial usage to initiate searches, making them a more intuitive tool for enterprises. Furthermore, based on user interactions, the chatbot can predict when the user may need certain information such as variation in trends or updates and accordingly send push notifications to the user’s device.

These are just some of the advantages offered by AI chatbots to leverage BI to significantly enhance business operations and increase productivity. Through effective use of chatbots and their evolution through machine learning, these tools can increase employee efficiency and reduce turnaround time for various operations by leveraging BI. Chatbots promise to provide a much-needed breath of life to the very promising but underutilized business intelligence platform, and in turn drastically improve ROI.